Who we are

Suzuki Barayan was founded in 1959 by the brothers Sheikh Saleh andSheikh Saeed sons of Omar Barayan and began importing, selling and maintaining motorcycles for the Saudi market. It relied in its policy on one basic approach (fast selling with few profit) which made them pioneers in this field, and then became one of the national companies in Saudi Arabia.


In 1980, the Suzuki Barayan showroom was established in the presence of a representative of the Japanese Suzuki Company .

In 1982, Sheikh Saleh Omar Baryan's son Omar took over the day-to-day management functions of Suzuki Barayan.

At the hands of Sheikh Omar Saleh Barayan , the company horizons were expanded and the new Suzuki Barayan exhibition was opened in Jeddah in 1998, Saudi Arabia.

We always take care of the safety of our motorists by providing all the high-quality safety equipment in our showrooms across the nation

To this day, we continue to make the customer the top priority in our offices,showrooms andSuzuki Barayan maintenance centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.